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Vegan & Vegetarian in Tokyo: 5 Restaurant Tips

Many vegans & vegetarians often have difficulties finding something to eat in Japanese restaurants. As Japanese cuisine is mostly based on bone broth and fish stock, it can be a challenge to find even a vegetarian soup or sauce.

A little percent of Japanese people are vegetarian, so such food hasn’t been very popular here. On the other hand, locals know that many people all over the world abstain from the use of animal products, and while visiting Japan they may have a problem finding something to eat. Because of this, the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Japan is increasing day by day.

So let’s look into a number of suitable places for you in Tokyo, Japan and think about few useful tips.

Vegan & Vegetarian in Tokyo: 5 Restaurant Tips

T’s Tan Tan (T’s たんたん) in Tokyo station

T’s Tan Tan offers meals without meat, fish, eggs or milk, and they have a really wide variety of products on the menu — from traditional Japanese food to popular European dishes such as pizza and pasta. Here you won’t have a problem finding a meal that suits your mood.

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Falafel Brothers in Roppongi (Tokyo)

It is clear from the name of the place that the main course here is falafel. This restaurant cares about the quality of the raw products they get, so not only will you have some great vegan or vegetarian food, it will also be a healthy experience for your body. Falafel Brothers is located in the middle of Roppongi district, famous for its nightlife scene and a variety of restaurants.

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AIN SOPH. RIPPLE in Shinjuku (Tokyo)

You are a fan of burgers? Then AIN SOPH. RIPPLE is exactly the right place for you. You will find healthy and tasty burgers here as well as great pastry, and the interior is very comfy and stylish. For sure, it is a really nice place to hang out with friends.

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Saizeriya: find a family chain restaurant with your favorite menu

In Japan there is also a chain of family-style restaurants called Saizeriya. They are not so expensive and there is a huge variety of meals on the menu there. These restaurants are located everywhere regardless of whether you are in a big or a small city. If you are in a hurry and in need of a quick lunch, knowing that there is such place near you can be definitely helpful – because you already are familiar with the menu and it is faster to go to the nearest place you know.

For example, if you know that in the Seizeriya near you there is a vegetarian mushroom pizza on the menu, it will never be a problem to find a suitable place to eat.

Bonus tip: buy a little bottle of soy sauce and carry it everywhere

This is an ultimate idea. Usually Japanese noodle soups such as soba, udon or ramen are based on fish stock or bone broth. But if you carry a small bottle of soy sauce, you’ll never starve. Just choose something you want to eat and ask to exclude the unsuitable sauce — then add your own one. Soy sauce will be a great addition especially to noodles or tempura (deep-fried vegetables). Enjoy your meal!

Yuki Nagahori
BA in German / Japan Country Manager at editorial company → Sales → currently sales planner based in Hamburg, Germany