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3 Best Brazilian coffee in Tokyo: all in Ginza

If you want to try the best quality of coffee in Tokyo, you have to visit Ginza. I’d like to introduce the best café in Ginza which offers real top quality of Brazilian coffee recommended by professional barista. These 3 café are visited by passionate coffee fans even from abroad to experience the top quality.

Before we go through each café, short introduction about Ginza: Ginza is known as the first place to have introduced Western food culture in 1871. Then various food cultures flowed into this area such as soda water and ice cream. 1st McDonald was also opened in Ginza in 1971. Late 90s, coffee shops such as STARBUCKS coffee and TULLY’S coffee showed up one after another.

GINZA Tricolore

They offer hand drip coffee using flannel. The Baristas in Tricolore are very well-experienced and have deep knowledge of how to make coffee. Beans are imported from Central America and extracted by hand after Barista gets order from customer. The atmosphere of the place is really great. You can spend a moment of bliss.

Not only coffee but also their apple pie can’t be missed. It is all handmade even peeling apples is done by themselves.

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Cafe de Rumble

The owner of this cafe is the real legend in Japanese Barista history. After the owner, Mr. Ichiro Sekiguchi, came back from World War II, he opened the coffee shop in 1948 because he was a big fan of coffee but there wasn’t any good café in Ginza at that time. He continued to make coffee and at the end so many coffee fans came from all over the world just to taste the coffee he grinded and brewed. Unfortunately, he has retired now. But his successor works at Cafe de Rumble. You can’t miss tasting this coffee.

Be aware there are only two types of coffee available in the café: blended coffee and straight coffee. If you choose straight, you can tell the Barista your taste preference, such as bitter or sour.

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Flor de Cafe / Cafe Ki no hana

This is also one of the oldest cafe in Ginza since 1960. According to the owner, John Lennon and Yoko Ono have visited Ki no hana just 4 days after he opened this café. Of course the coffee quality is promised but also the curry they offer is one of the secret of popularity.

The interior is very old in a good way and you must feel comfortable time.

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