Doing Business in Japan

3 Tips for the Font When Considering to Open a Japanese Website

You may face some difficulties when you open the website in the Japanese language. Not only because Japanese is difficult, but also because of the unique Internet culture of the web in Japan.
Here are some most important tips that may help you when you create a web page in a Japanese


The font is not only design but also font has the meaning and energy. Interestingly, most of the people feel the same feelings.


This font makes your website elegant and feel traditional. On the other hand, if all the letters are Mincho, people feel tired to read all the article on the screen. It would be highly possible to make people leave your pages soon.


This font is used mainly for sale items because it is still visible even from far away. Therefore, this character gives us a cheap impression.


To change upper case letters can be common in the alphabet but Japanese character doesn’t have Upper case letter. So Japanese web pages often show that different solution.


this is kinda “” but Japanese page often uses 【】as a emphasize.  this is the example that common way used in the website

【必見】あなたが東京を訪れるべき理由  =  【you must see】 The reason why you should visit Tokyo

you can use a variety of ward or phrase in this box. They are the list the most common phrase you can use;

【必見】= you must see

【おすすめ】= recommend

【悲報】= sad news

【朗報】= good news

【速報】= Bulletin

【画像あり】= include picture.