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Online Jobs in Japan – Income, How-to-Find, Tips

Living in Japan fancies thousand of people and let them consider to move to Japan. One of the difficulties that foreigners face is “searching for a job”. In this article, we’d like to introduce possibilities of online jobs in Japan, its characteristics, income and how to find it.

It used to be very common to work for a company, to go to office every day. But recently the number of remote work and online job has significantly increased. And also, the type of status you can have for online job varies. Most of you may imagine that online jobs are for freelancers. The fact of today is different. You can work remotely as fulltime worker, part-time job or even Entrepreneurs. The jobs that introduced in this articles are mainly for freelancer and fulltime.

Programming (website / application / system)

It is simple, Programmer or engineer is just needed in Japan. So, simply the labor shortage of programmer. So if you are kind of, let’s say normal, then you will most probably get jobs. In most cases, your annual income will increase which we think great way to live in Japan.

How to find job opportunities as programmer

  • Recruiting site
  • Introduction from acquaintances
  • Sales partner
  • Blog
  • Win jobs by yourself

If you already have experiences of at least 2 years, you will find enough chances through recruiting site. Sales partner is similar with “introduction from acquaintances”. So you ask someone to get jobs for you, and you pay some fees. That someone must be good at sales because he must sell your skill. Blog means that you open your blog page and convey your skill, get traffic and become an influencer. But this is quite tough to do and requires lots of time. I’m not going to introduce all of the knowhow regarding this topic, so if you are keen to know more about how to get jobs as programmer / engineer, please read this article.

Here some recruiting site for you:

Annual Income: from 5.000.000 JPY (42.000 USD)
*Income for freelance engineer is skyrocketing in Japan.

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Design has wide range of types such as web designer, graphic designer, fashion designer etc., and they are mostly suitable with online job. We don’t have time to focus on each type here, however I would say “How to find job opportunities” is almost same as programmer. More info about being designer in Japan: What is it like to work as graphic designer in Japan

Here some recruiting site for you:

Annual income: from 2.500.000 JPN (21.000 USD)
*it can be much higher, but basically less than programmer.


This is absolutely one of a good opportunity for you because your mother tongue can be needed in Japan. It is also a very competitive industry and isn’t known as well-paid job unfortunately. Of course it depends on which language and what type of text you translate, but why not as long as it is fun for you or you are satisfied with the job and the income.

These are the site you should definitely register:

Annual Income: from 2.000.000 JPN (17.000 USD)

Video Editing

As you know, Entertainment platform such as YouTube, tiktok or instagram the needs of video editing has significantly increased also in Japan. So you have good chance to live with video editing that can make your life completely online and remote. There are some ways how to get job opportunities, but this is similar again with other online jobs. For video editing, utilizing social media will be more efficient in compare with programmer or translator because it is easier to visually recognize your skill. So don’t hesitate to promote yourself through your social media accounts. Send direct message to YouTubers with a message that you watch their videos and tell them points that can be improved. They might to replace their editing stuffs with you.

Annual income: from 3.500.000 JPN (29.000 USD)
*some freelancers can earn more than 15.000.000 JPN

Online English Teacher

English teachers are in high demand in Japan. And if your English level is also high, why not to try to be an English teacher there. The fact that students are polite is also one of the advantage. One question comes up, do I have to be English native speaker? The answer is yes and no. It depends on where you want to work. I will introduce the possible places:

  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • International Schools
  • Language Academies
  • Universities
  • Online ESL

Each way has its own advantage, disadvantage and different incomes. Today’s topic is online jobs in Japan, so let’s focus on online ESL. Remotely Working introduces top 7 companies that you should not ignore when you want to have Japanese students to teach English. The article is absolutely worthy if you want to have more concrete information about each company and hourly payment.

*from Teach English Online to Japanese Students

The income is totally up to you since you decide how much you work. However you can imagine to get paid from 1.200 to 2.400 JPY hourly.

If you want to know tips about teaching English in Japan: 5 tips for teaching English at Japanese public schools – Salary & Living expenses


Being a freelance writer is absolutely a choice for you. You can travel entire Japan and write down what you have experienced. This brings money to you. The point is you don’t have to be an English native speaker. Other languages is asked such as Thai, Chinese, Korean, Spanish etc. Just have a look at following website.

DiGJapan looks for travel writer. Arigato Food Tours search for food writer which is ideal if you love Japanese foods. At Metropolis you can write about everything like culture, food, books, sport, health, fashion etc.

Izanazu offers: 10,000 JPN (95 USD) per article (2000-3000 words)

Hold online event with your skill

A Japanese company “Sonoligo” offers a platform where you can visit or hold an event. If you for example can sing, dance, play music instrument at a high level, you can try to hold a concert and gather people on this platform and earn money from sold tickets. In fact it is not limited to musical events but the event can be cultural, sport, art etc. If you can bring your local culture from outside Japan, it will be very interesting for Sonoligo users.

Income is up to your ticket price setting.

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