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5 Tips for business travelers to choose excellent hotel in Japan

I would enjoy a business trip when I go abroad, nice local foods, sightseeing, so on. For me it’s much more enjoyable than stuck in an office. However, if you choose an improper accommodation, the business trip become stressful and tiring. In a common sense, the more expensive the more comfortable service the hotel provides. During the business trip, however, there is probably limited budget from your company, and you are not able to spend 1000 euro a year. In this article, I would give you 5 tips to choose excellent hotel in Japan with reasonable budget!

5 tips for excellent hotel in Japan

Price should be not so expensive, if you pay roughly 60~100 euro a night, you can have a comfortable business trip in Japan. The followings tips remark secret tips for Business travellers to Japan;

Check Breakfast

The sales point of Japanese is “Breakfast menu” which is mostly included in the accommodation price. The menu depends on the hotel’s policy, but you can usually choose both Western or Japanese style breakfast usually.

For Japanese style breakfast, when you are in the countryside or specific region, you can enjoy local foods. For example, when you are in Aichi prefecture “Miso” is famous, while in Miyazaki prefecture “Chicken” is famous etc.


Check Onsen (Public bath)

When your destination is not in Tokyo or somewhere in the countryside, you may have a chance to enjoy natural hot-spring in the hotel. Onsen (hot-spring) is Japanese traditional bath style, the hot water is from mountain and include natural component which positively influence your health.

Even when you go to a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, don’t worry you also have a chance to have a public bath, but the water is artificially warmed.

(Quotation: アパヴィラホテル仙台)

Check Coupon Gift Card

It’s tricky, but when you choose a room plan, you have two options, either with “coupon gift card” or not. Coupon gift card is a card, thereby you can buy small drink or sweets in the convenience store. If the coupon has 1000yen amount, you can buy whatever you want till 1000yen. But of course, when you choose a hotel room plan with coupon, the price is added on the room price. Hmm, mysterious, who would prefer to choose a room with coupon card?

The answer is that, when you book a room with coupon card, the hotel doesn’t note anything about it in the receipt. That means, there are two following options.

A: Room with 1000 yen Coupon (9000 yen)
B: Room without Coupon (8000 yen)

If you stay in the hotel with 1000 yen coupon, then you can reimburse the room price 9000 yen from your company as a business trip. You can pilfer the coupon card without that the company knows.

Right Location

When you would like to look for the hotel located in the center or near to the central station, I would recommend you displace one station from that. Because always the hotel next to the main station is expensive. But if you book a hotel next to small station, the price is as half as next to the main station, while the room-quality becomes extremely higher that that.

Chain Hotel is not bad

If you totally don’t have any idea where you have to stay, the easiest way is “chain-hotel”. There are some big chain hotel groups in Japan, and these are known as high-quality of service and accommodation.

For example, the followings are known as popular hotel chains;

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